Global Citizenship and Fairtrade

Tavernspite Fairtrade School

We work very hard to ensure that our pupils are excellent global citizens with an embedded understanding of Fairtrade issues.

We passed a very rigorous assessment to become the first school in Pembrokeshire with official Fairtrade status and we have been reassessed successfully every year since. We frequently organise events to promote our commitment to this initiative including Fairtrade Coffee Mornings, held Fairtrade stalls at the school fetes, Fairtrade banana relays on Sports Day and an annual Fairtrade Football World Cup. Every effort is made to purchase Fairtrade products whenever possible and the children are taught about the importance of supporting Fairtrade.

Our understanding of Fairtrade issues has been further deepened through a visit by a banana producer from Dominica who was truly able to explain from the heart the impact the Fairtrade initiative has had on herself and her family.

Global Citizenship

Our pupils have a well-developed understanding of Global Citizenship.

‘Their (pupils’) understanding of sustainable development and global citizenship is excellent.’ (Estyn)

‘The promotion of sustainable development and global citizenship is an outstanding
feature of the school. The school has achieved the Platinum Eco Schools Award
and has official ‘Fairtrade’ status’. (Estyn)

Our pupils have many opportunities for developing Global Links. We have partnered with Bububu School in Zanzibar and have sent teaching staff to Zanzibar for a number of years to share teaching methods and resources as well as to develop our global friendship. Every summer term we host two German trainee teachers to support learning in our school as well as providing a cultural and linguistic experience for the children.

We are always looking at ways of further developing our global links because it teaches the children so much about the world around them and the advantages of working and supporting each other globally as well as locally.

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EXCELLENT Standards at Tavernspite School (Estyn 2018)

Estyn Comments

"Pupils at Tavernspite School achieve excellent standards".

"The federation's leadership team have a powerful vision.  They establish high expectations with a strong focus on teaching and learning and share skills and expertise highly successfully".

"The quality of care, support and guidance is excellent".

"Exemplary Provision and Standards" "Excellent" "Very high standard" "Exceptional Progress" "Highly Effective"

Sector Leading Health Promoting School National Quality Award Sector Leading and Outstanding Practice as an Outdoor School Platinum Eco-Schools Award - Welsh Eco-School of the Year First Fairtrade Primary School in Pembrokeshire ICT Quality Mark Winner of the Advanced International Schools Award Quality Standard Award

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