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We are a very healthy school!!!

The community of Tavernspite School is fully committed to the Health Promoting Schools Scheme. We were one of the first schools in Wales to be accredited with the National Quality Award (NQA)in 2011; this is the highest Healthy Schools award to be achieved. The school has been successfully reassessed every two years since to ensure that the healthy practices are further embedded and continually developing. 

In their report Estyn, the Inspectorate for Education in Wales wrote, ‘The school’s Healthy Schools Scheme and Outdoor Schools Programme have significantly impacted on pupils’ physical development and fitness, scientific awareness and wellbeing.’

We are considered by Estyn, as being ‘Outstanding’ and ‘Sector Leading’ in this area and as a result frequently offer support to other schools across Wales to improve their provision for developing healthy lifestyles.

All food and drink prepared for the children during school time and After School Club follows Pembrokeshire County Council  healthy eating guidelines.

During breaktimes we have a ‘fruit only’ policy. Children may either purchase a piece of fruit from our ‘Fruit Tuckshop’ or bring their own from home.

We work hard to promote the health and well being of the children and staff at school.

We ask parents of children who bring a packed lunch to school to make every effort to ensure that the packed lunch contains a health eating and drinking selection. This is consistent with our Health Promoting Policy.

pupils learning to eat healthily pupils learning to eat healthily

Drinking Water
Drinking plenty of cold, fresh water helps to develop concentration skills and the well-being of the individual. We ensure that our children have access to cold, fresh drinking water throughout the school day.

Physical Activity
Physical fitness is very important at Tavernspite School. Our children get plenty of exercise through their PE lessons, the use of our extensive grounds and facilities during break and lunchtimes and through our wide range of extra-curricular clubs including running, rugby, football, netball, rounders, cricket and athletics.

Our pupils take part in the ‘30, 40, 50 Mile Challenge’ which encourages children to regularly run or walk a mile and receive award as they pass each 10 mile marker. 

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EXCELLENT Standards at Tavernspite School (Estyn 2018)

Estyn Comments

"Pupils at Tavernspite School achieve excellent standards".

"The federation's leadership team have a powerful vision.  They establish high expectations with a strong focus on teaching and learning and share skills and expertise highly successfully".

"The quality of care, support and guidance is excellent".

"Exemplary Provision and Standards" "Excellent" "Very high standard" "Exceptional Progress" "Highly Effective"

Sector Leading Health Promoting School National Quality Award Sector Leading and Outstanding Practice as an Outdoor School Platinum Eco-Schools Award - Welsh Eco-School of the Year First Fairtrade Primary School in Pembrokeshire ICT Quality Mark Winner of the Advanced International Schools Award Quality Standard Award

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