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My name is Mrs Julie Houghton and I am the class four teacher. Class Four offers a challenging and exciting learning environment where children are encouraged to be positive and independent in their approach.

Rich learning activities are provided through cross curricular themes to enable the children to consolidate their skills in Literacy and Numeracy.

Good use is made of the outdoors as a learning resource.  Regular field trips enhance classroom learning and provide important life experiences. In the Autumn term Class Four visit Carew Castle to take part in Tudor skills workshops and explore the castle defences. In the Spring term we visit a local beach to take part in a Beach Clear with the National Parks.  In the Summer term the class visit Colby Woodland Gardens to conduct habitat studies.

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In Class Four my staff and I foster a caring and supportive environment where children feel safe to share their ideas and contribute to discussions. We aim to develop the children’s confidence and self assurance in their abilities and help them to fully achieve their potential.

Terrific Talkers - In the Autumn and Summer terms each child is invited to present a short talk on a topic of their choice. The children rise to the challenge this presents and rapidly improve their skills in speaking to large audiences.

Homework - Maths and Literacy homework is set on Fridays, to then be completed and returned on Tuesdays. The tasks that are sent home provide opportunities to consolidate the learning here in school, as well as a chance for parents to have an insight to how they child is progressing in these key assessed areas of learning.

Reading – The skill of reading is very much nurtured and encourage within Class Four and hence, the children are required to bring their reading books to school every day. They should aim to read at home on a regular basis in order to further develop their comprehension and confidence.

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Learning Logs - In order to support independent learning, the children will periodically (approximately once per half term) be given an extended piece of homework relating to each term’s topic. For each learning log activity, children are expected to research a topic chosen in class and present their findings across a maximum of four pages within the log. They are required to use a variety of methods for presenting their projects and summarise any written research into their own words and are given two weeks to complete each activity. These tasks are then self and peer assessed in school.

P.E. - P.E. lessons in Class Four take place on Monday and Thursday afternoons. The children are required to have their P.E. kits in school for these days. We are very much a healthy and active school and really nurture and encourage the children to take part in extra-curricular sporting clubs as much as possible.

Fruit Tuck shop – We are a Healthy School and focus on providing our children with a healthy attitude and appetite to eating fruit on a daily basis. Every morning during break time fruit is available for sale at 30p, with the older children from Year 6 coordinating the operations of the Fruit Tuck Shop.

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"Pupils at Tavernspite School achieve excellent standards".

"The federation's leadership team have a powerful vision.  They establish high expectations with a strong focus on teaching and learning and share skills and expertise highly successfully".

"The quality of care, support and guidance is excellent".

"Exemplary Provision and Standards" "Excellent" "Very high standard" "Exceptional Progress" "Highly Effective"

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