Year 4 - Blwyddyn Pedwar

My name is Lauren Arthur and I am the Class Four teacher in Tavernspite School. In our class the children are immersed within an engaging, enthusiastic and stimulating environment where we learn in a range of ways ensuring each and every child has the opportunity to progress, feel successful and achieve their full academic potential. In line with every class in Tavernspite School, Class Four promotes happiness, inclusivity, determination, a sense of belonging as well as many other positive attributes which will ensure the children can be all they can be. 
In Class Four the children study three exciting and thought-provoking topics; 'The Tudors', 'Asia' and 'Oceans and Pollution'. Within each of these topics the children will be given the opportunity to become ethical informed citizens of Wales and the world, healthy and confident individuals who are ready to fulfil their lives as valued members of society, enterprising creative contributors who are ready to play a part in life and work as well as capable, ambitious learners who are ready to learn throughout their lives. All of these attributes are the heart of the new Curriculum for Wales and will be the basis of every learning experience within our class. 
To ensure that we provide the children with the best possible learning experiences the children are immersed with a range of activities. The children will have opportunities to go on trips suitable for their topics providing them with further understanding, a local perspective and above all else, a memorable experience. We are fortunate to have extensive outdoor grounds which are used to enrich children's learning and also offers a variety of areas for the children to play and socialise together. The children will have many opportunities to learn, enhance and apply new skills when using technological devices which will further allow them to become digitally competent to aid them in their future. All of the learning is designed to encourage the children's independence as well as collaborative working, alongside the acquisition of skills and subject knowledge.
Our aim, as with all classes at Tavernspite School, is for consistent support and encouragement both at home and in school in order to help all the children reach their full potential and enjoy a happy, productive and successful time at school.
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EXCELLENT Standards at Tavernspite School (Estyn 2018)

Estyn Comments

"Pupils at Tavernspite School achieve excellent standards".

"The federation's leadership team have a powerful vision.  They establish high expectations with a strong focus on teaching and learning and share skills and expertise highly successfully".

"The quality of care, support and guidance is excellent".

"Exemplary Provision and Standards" "Excellent" "Very high standard" "Exceptional Progress" "Highly Effective"

Sector Leading Health Promoting School National Quality Award Sector Leading and Outstanding Practice as an Outdoor School Platinum Eco-Schools Award - Welsh Eco-School of the Year First Fairtrade Primary School in Pembrokeshire ICT Quality Mark Winner of the Advanced International Schools Award Quality Standard Award

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